I have had the privilege to work on several large projects for my employers in the past few years. Below, you'll find a brief summary of my role and the project scope. 

Latest Projects

Server Virtualization: After the April 27, 2011 Tornado outbreak in my home state of Alabama, the business realized they weren't really prepared for a disaster situation. The traditional "tapes to the bank box" system wasn't sufficient in a situation where the building was destroyed and similar hardware wouldn't be available for restore. Along with a consultant, I designed and implemented a server virtualization system that allowed replication of all centralized IT resources to a warm offsite datacenter in a town a few hundred miles away. Thankfully, this offsite location hasn't been needed, but tests of the system verify that the servers will come up and get the business back to work in the event of a major disaster!

Untangled: Upon accepting the position at my current job, one of the first things I noticed was a terribly overloaded server running almost all of the network services such as Active Directory, Exchange, DHCP and DNS, with a few file shares and an intranet site thrown in for good measure. Despite having other servers available to share the load, this server was a glaring single point of failure. Downtime was frequent and often prolonged. So much was running on this single underpowered machine that reboots frequently took 20 minutes. 
Over the next two years, I slowly untangled the network services from this machine and strategically placed resources to reduce downtime, improve redundancy and provide better overall stability for the business.

Datacenter migration: A medium sized hospital system had run it's IT infrastructure on duct tape and a prayer for many years. Solutions were purchased and partially implemented, racks were scattered all over several rooms and many of their resources had no documentation. Servers were non-standard and custom built by techs who bought and built using the cheapest available hardware that would meet specification instead of working towards whole solution stability. 
As a network specialist on the team, I worked alongside a new CIO and a group of fresh faces to move their systems into a new state-of-the-art datacenter, a more stable and organized fiber backbone and centralized systems into a more controlled environment.


“Heath was a pleasure to work with, learned fast, and had a broad basis of understanding that we were able to work from. 5 Stars *****"

Austin Mann, Network Engineer

“Outstanding work on the cyber security side. These are awesome logs capturing the right stuff, which I know is a proactive effort on your end.Your skill and effort at catching this activity is commendable.”
Joseph Parker, SA - DSS